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What is Vaginal Loosening? - Treatment For Loose Vagina

What is Vaginal Loosening? - Treatment For Loose Vagina

Does your female partner worry about feeling loose down her vagina? Or do you as a female feel that your vagina has lost its elasticity? Sexual organ health is vital for a healthy sexual life and even for a normal lifestyle. Do you know what is vaginal loosening? The vagina is an important sexual organ and taking care of it should be an unforgettable habit as it not only keeps you but also your sexual life fit. In this article, we will be looking forward to knowing the best vaginal tightening method, vaginal loosening, whether it happens or it is just a rumour, what is the method or how to tighten the vagina

What is Vaginal loosening?

What is vaginal loosening? Is that a question that has been running in your mind for quite some time? The concept of loose vagina refers to the lessening of the elasticity and the weakening of the muscles, however, the loose vagina is just a hyped-up rumour. There is no such occurrence of a loose vagina since the vagina is made of muscles which do not lose elasticity. It may get loose for insertion like sex toys or intercourse and giving birth but gets back to its normal shape in a few days. The vagina is flexible and shapes itself accordingly. 

But still, can the vagina get loose? Some females complain of feeling sagging skin and there are various causes to it. The process of getting back to normal shape gets slower than usual. Addressing someone with a loose vagina refers to tagging them as someone who has multiple sex partners which is disgraceful as it is not a result of intercourse. Hence if you are very conscious of the same, we will tell you how to tighten the vagina. Though it is not a permanent problem and can be easily treated with vaginal intimate gel.

Causes of Vaginal Loosening

vaginal loosening

Now that you know what is vaginal loosening or the myth of vagina loosening, knowing about can the vagina get loose and even if temporarily, what causes it is essential. Here are some possible causes:

1. The passing of the age

One of the causes of vaginal loosening is due to passing age. The vagina usually retains its strength and elasticity especially when the body is strong and healthy. With preceding age the body's health declines and even its strength and thus with the preceding age the vagina also loses its elasticity and the muscles lose their strength. 

Slowly when women grow old their vagina becomes loose. This is one of the factors which affects the vagina's skin and muscles. Further, since women have reached a specific age the healing or reshaping process may take longer time than usual and it may not have the same elasticity.

2. Going through childbirth

One of the most asked questions is: can the vagina get loose? Yes, the vagina does get loose but returns to its normal shape in no less time still there are many factors which affect the muscles of the vagina. One of the factors is childbirth. 

During childbirth, the vagina has to expand a lot so that the process of childbirth can take place. The vaginal muscles are so flexible to go through it but after childbirth, your vagina can get a little loose. It is common and naturally goes back to being tight but it may take much time. So it is another major reason for loose vagina in women, which is the reason you should go for different remedies like tight up gel or exercises. 

3. Having weak vaginal muscles 

Among various causes of vaginal loosening, one of the causes of the same is due to weak vaginal muscles. The weak vaginal muscles or pelvic muscles make the vagina loose and the muscles control weak. This may happen due to various reasons like pregnancy, obesity, prostate cancer treatment and others which causes the vagina to loose, stool leakage, urine incontinence, and other problems, also affecting the sexual life of the person by decreasing libido. The weak pelvic muscles or vaginal muscles can be treated with the help of various yogic postures and exercises. So, here's another reason to lose a vagina.

weak vaginal muscles

4. The onset of menopause

Though a myth or rumour, questions like Can the vagina get loose, what causes loosening the vagina are common. One of the causes of a loose vagina is menopause. With preceding age the women's reproductive health declines and also their ability to reproduce. The onset of menopause makes the vagina start to lose its elasticity and flexibility. 

Just like that of preceding age it also causes the vagina muscles to weaken and hence leads to loosening of the vagina. It usually strikes at the age of 45 to 50 and by that time the body's health also declines. If you still want to maintain your vaginal health you can go for different exercises. 

6. Doing masturbation and intercourse

One of the causes of vaginal loosening is usually considered to be masturbation and intercourse. However, intercourse and masturbation does not cause the vagina to lose its elasticity, the vagina may go loose for the time being due to sex toys or penetrative sex but the vagina gets back to its normal shape eventually.

There are many masturbation issues faced by men and women but masturbation does not cause the vagina to lose its flexibility. You may encounter slight loosening but it repairs on its own still, if you feel your vagina is loose you can go for different treatment methods and work on tightening it.

masturbation and intercourse

Problems loose vagina causes

Many females worry and seek the answers to what is vaginal loosening. Though it is not a permanent problem, it can still cause you certain inconveniences like: 

1. Lack of sexual pleasure 

When it comes to what happens because of a loose vagina, one of the things is loss of libido. You might wonder why your partner is losing interest in sex. In the case of females, one of the reasons can be a loose vagina. The sagging of the skin makes them pull away from sex and decreases the libido. 

2. Urine leaking or incontinence 

Another problem caused by a loose vagina is urine incontinence. The loosening of the vaginal walls leads to the inability of the bladder to control the urine and hence causing frequent urination problems. It is one of the prior problems which take place. This is what happens because of a loose vagina

3. Sagging skin and dryness 

The loosening of the vagina means sagging skin and dryness in the genital area. It can leave itching and burning sensations. So, if you want to know what happens because of a loose vagina, this is it. The pelvic muscles are unable to hold anything like sex toys or other insertions since it is loose and sagging.

sagging skin and dryness in vagina

4. Lost confidence during sex

This is what happens because of a loose vagina! Loss of confidence. Women usually lose their confidence and self-admiration when it comes to the loose vagina and it disrupts their sexual life. They no longer want to make any move or go for sex. It is another problem women encounter after a loose vagina.

How to tighten Vagina?

Now that you know what is vaginal loosening, you may be curious to look up some remedies. Even though it may cure on its own, you can do certain things to add to the recovery like using intimate gel. Here are some tips on how to tighten the vagina: 

1. Doing pelvic floor exercises 

Among the various treatments for loose vagina, one of the treatments for the same is pelvic floor exercises. Pelvic floor exercises or kegel exercises are naturally structured in a way that strengthens your pelvic muscles and helps in tightening the vagina. It strengthens the muscles, improves the bladder control, urine leak problem, improves your sexual life by increasing libido and helps maintain vaginal health. 

One of the methods how to tighten the vagina naturally is by doing squats, side heels, pelvic tilts, and lower body exercises to strengthen the muscles all around. Pay attention to performing the exercises properly without exerting pressure on incorrect muscles.

2. Yoga and maintaining a lifestyle

Do you want to know how to tighten vagina the naturally? One of the best vaginal tightening methods is regularly practicing yoga and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Following a healthy lifestyle is essential to maintain your sexual life and your sexual organ’s health. 

It includes your sleep schedule, your eating habits, sitting posture and other activities. Since a good lifestyle improves your vaginal health and thus muscle strength, adopt the habit of doing yoga every day which improves muscle health and strength along with the tightening of the vagina. Your overall health also determines your vaginal health as obesity can also cause a loose vagina.

3. Application of vaginal tightening gel 

Among other treatments for loose vagina, is the use of Nature Mania tight up gel. It is the best vaginal tightening gel product  for females that we have specifically made for tightening the vaginal walls and increasing the intimate experience. The vaginal tightening gel helps in boosting your confidence, enhancing your sexual desire, tightening of the muscles, improving the elasticity of the skin and sensation. 

Tight up gel by nature mania is purely natural and clinically proven. The use of ingredients like Aloe vera, Haldi, Tulsi, Majuphal and Palash makes it safe for the intimate area. This is how to tighten the vagina with the use of our product and gain the benefits of increased intimate experience and add spark to your sexual life.

4. Use of objects like vaginal cone 

When it comes to how to tighten the vagina then there are various ways to do so like you can go for different objects that work towards giving you a tight vagina. One such object is a vaginal cone. It is a cone that is inserted in the vagina to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and is one of the best vaginal tightening methods. 

The vaginal cones help in tightening the vagina as when it is inserted in the vagina, the pelvic muscles contract to hold it causing the tightening of the muscles. It is used during the usual activities for around 20 to 30 minutes. The falling of the cone signals improper contracting of the pelvic muscles and indicates that you must do it correctly. 

5. Going for surgical and non-surgical procedures 

Among various treatments for loose vagina can also be a surgical or non-surgical procedure. Though they are not immediately recommended, there are a few surgical procedures you can go for like vaginal rejuvenation, vaginoplasty, or non-surgical procedures like laser treatment and neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). 

All these treatments help in strengthening the pelvic muscles and tightening of the vagina. These are some of the surgical and non-surgical procedures one can go through when it comes to how to tighten the vagina. The surgical method of NMES involves passing of electric stimulation to strengthen the muscles while a laser treatment involves the use of lasers for the tightening of the vaginal walls.

surgical procedures for vaginal tightening


This is all about what is vaginal loosening, vaginal loosening is a myth that causes many females to end up harming their vagina. The vagina is a sensitive organ, it retains and maintains its shape after going through all expansion and contraction during intercourse, tampon insertion, sex toys, and childbirth. With proceeding age and during childbirth it builds up tension in women about the loose vagina. 

You can go for the best vaginal tightening method like exercises to keep your pelvic muscles strong and tighten your vagina. It is one of the methods how to tighten the vagina naturally. It works towards boosting your confidence and improving your sexual life as a loose vagina decreases libido and confidence. You can also go for intimate gel as it not only strengthens your vaginal muscles or tightens the walls but also improves your sexual experience and confidence. You can go for nature mania product and have an improved intimate sensation with vaginal intimate gel


1. Are there any exercises to strengthen the vagina? 

There are many methods to strengthen the vagina, one of the treatments for loose vagina is exercise. You can go for pelvic floor muscle exercises or kegel exercises to strengthen the vaginal muscles and other surrounding muscles. Doing poses like squats, bridges, happy baby poses, side heels or other pelvic strengthening exercises. Apart from exercises, you can go for a tight up gel by nature mania.

2. What are the benefits of having a tight vagina? 

The reason you should look into how to tighten the vagina naturally is because of the benefits it provides. If you aim to know how to boost sexual vitality, it can be done by vaginal tightening. It increases sexual desire, enhances the laxity of the vagina, improves bladder control, there are low chances of vaginal infections and reduces dryness as well. You can use the nature mania tight up gel to have a tight vagina with simultaneous improvement in your confidence.

3. Does a tight vagina cause problems in sexual life?

There are few problems associated with a tight vagina specifically related to the sexual life, you may come across a problem named vaginismus. It means that the vagina becomes too tight such that nothing can get into it. Therefore having a tight vagina may cause the problem of painful sex experience. It can make penetrative sex very painful causing infection, injury or any other conditions. So, these are some of the problems associated with a tight vagina.

4. How does a loose vagina cause a problem? 

There are many problems which are caused by a loose vagina. Some of them are urine incontinence, poop leakage, weak pelvic muscles, low sexual desires, vaginal dryness, sagging of the skin and dullness, uncontrollable bladder, loss of confidence during sex, and many more such issues. Though it is not a permanent problem, proper treatment should still be taken. The vagina goes back to normal shape and maintains its elasticity. 

5. Is there any surgical procedure for tightening the vagina?

There are a few surgical procedures that are done for vaginal tightening. The surgical procedures include vaginal rejuvenation, vaginoplasty, laser treatment and neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). The laser treatment is a non-surgical treatment where a laser is used to tighten the vaginal walls and surrounding area. Further, surgical treatment is not usually recommended in the beginning instead exercises are included in the treatment process.

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