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Issues With Female Breasts - How to Deal With Them?

Issues With Female Breasts - How to Deal With Them?

Do you or your female partner often look at herself in the mirror and become conscious of her body figure, especially her breast size? What are the issues with female breasts? Females often have to undergo the process of looking attractive and breasts play a major role in making them feel attractive. However, many women don't have large breasts and often experience what issues are faced by females with small breasts

In this article, we will be looking at what is a small breast issue, its impact on females, the causes for the occurrence of small breasts and some of the breast enlargement techniques to help females gain confidence by improving their breast shape, size and health. So, let's dive in to know more.

What is a small breast issue? 

what is a small breast issue

There can be various issues with female breasts, but one of the major concerns is small breasts. Women are always conscious of how they look and take pride in their bodies. In such cases, encountering small breasts can leave them feeling worthless. Small breasts refer to the size of the breast being smaller than the average size of the breast. 

However, the breast size is determined not only by cup size but also by your chest circumference. The size that is small for you may not be small for someone else because of their body type. But still, if you feel you need to have large breasts you can go for treatment for breast enlargement and have it shaped and increased according to your liking.

Further, when it comes to what issues are faced by females with small breasts, they are immense. We will be next looking at the impact small breasts have on females and will focus on what you can do to improve your breast size. Remember, there are no such small breasts but depending on your body, you can still go for treatment.

How small breasts impact females? 

When you come to think of the issues with female breasts, one is small breasts and the impact it has on females. The issue of small breasts can affect a woman in varied manners and cause grave results. Here we put forward some of the impact of small breasts on women.

1. It harms their mental and psychological health 

Have you ever tried to know how small breasts impact females? One of the major backdrops that surrounds the small breasts is the way it harms them mentally and psychologically. It lowers their self-esteem and confidence in themselves. The fact they are not at their best constantly runs on their mind.

The major impact of small breasts on women is that it can push them to the level of depression as they consciously or unconsciously always think of not having feminine beauty within them as breasts are thought to be an integral part of female beauty and thus they are torturing themselves mentally and psychologically.

2. Experiencing body shaming 

Another impact of small breasts on women is the experience of body shaming. Females are being body shamed in various areas like physical health (obese, thin), skin colour (fair, black), height, walking style, etc and under this distinction breasts are also included. Many females are body-shamed for their breast size.

This is one of the issues with female breasts, if the breasts are too small they are considered not a woman and have feminine features in them. They are referred to with demeaning phrases and names which are enough to shake her confidence and self-respect and thus make her a mere joke in not only society but her own eyes.

3. Insecurity about their body image 

Among a lot of issues with female breasts, another significant impact they have on women is that they make them insecure about their bodies and image. Have you seen a woman who is always negative about her body image? This is because she is made to believe that she is not beautiful and can never match the beauty standards.

This is how small breasts impact females, females become insecure about their body and feel that they are not beautiful like women who have fuller breasts, thus confining themselves in isolation. This causes many women to even judge, and cause harm to themselves because they don't find themselves beautiful.

4. Loss of interest in sex causing disturbed sexual life 

The impact of small breasts on women can be immense. Ever thought about why your partner is losing interest in sex? One of the cases can be that the female partner does not feel confident to come before you or engage in physical intimacy. This makes them withdraw themselves completely from intimate relationships causing low or no sexual desire.

It is possible that women feel that their male partners might not love them or judge them because of their small breasts. The majority of females feel that they won't be able to give their partner their best as they are not at their best. So this is how small breasts impact females and cause them to withdraw from engaging in physical intimacy.

What causes small breasts?

You already know what issues are faced by females with small breasts, but what is the root cause of it? Why do females have to go through it in the first place? Here, we will state some specific reasons why females have small breasts, in other words the cause of small breasts.

1. It is genetically inherited 

One of the causes of small breasts in women is that they are genetically inherited. Women who have a family history of small breasts may carry the same genes as well, similar to other body features like hair, eyes, height, etc which are genetically inherited. Thus this is one of the various reasons for small breasts in females and it can be treated with surgical procedures.

genetically inherited breast issue

2. Low body weight 

Thinking over why females have small breasts? The breast size corresponds to the body weight of females. In many cases, another of the causes of small breasts in women is the low body weight or reduction in body weight causing  the breast to shrink. It can be treated with breast enlargement techniques like exercises, yoga, supplements, a healthy diet etc.

3. Facing hormonal disbalance 

Among the numerous causes of small breasts in women, one of the causes of the same is hormonal disbalance. Just like low libido can refer to signs of low testosterone in males, underdeveloped breasts refer to hormonal disbalance of oestrogen and estrogen which causes breast enlargement. The reasons for small breasts in females here can be low hormones during puberty.

4. Due to some medical conditions 

Want to know the causes of small breasts in women? One of them is medical conditions that cause underdeveloped breast tissues like Micromastia (underdeveloped post-puberty breasts), Hyperthyroidism (thyroid gland unable to produce hormones during puberty), Poland syndrome (tissue failure to develop on one side), etc. These are some medical reasons why females have small breasts

How to enlarge breasts?

Feeling conscious of your breast's size? Here, we bring some tips for breast enlargement. Having a healthy enlarged breast gives many women confidence and helps them feel attractive. Just like males prefer going for penis enlargement to feel confident women go for breast enlargement products or techniques. Here are some of the ways.

1. Go for breast-developing exercises 

When it comes to how to enlarge breast, one thing you must do is to engage in exercises. Exercise not only helps to keep you fit but also makes your breasts fuller. It is one of the best breast enlargement techniques. There are different types of exercises you can go for to develop the breast muscles. 

Try going for push-ups, arm circles (rotating your stretched arms first backwards, then forward), arm presses, horizontal chest presses (bending your arms at 90° in front with hands facing each other and taking them back their front), prayer pose and other exercise treatment for breast enlargement but you should be consistent to see changes.

breast developing exercises

2. Use Cup-up Combo 

One of the tips for breast enlargement to have fuller and healthier breasts is going for our cup-up combo by Nature Mania. It is a combo pack of cup-up capsules and cup-up creams to be massaged and taken for an increase in breast size. When you look into how to increase breast size, cup-up is your helping aid.

It is one of the breast enlargement products that is safe, effective, and natural. It consists of Gambhari, Shatavar, Vacha, Aloe Vera, and Ashwagandha which all help in improving breast size and smoothing it. It is beneficial for skin tightening, providing firmness to saggy breasts, improving hormonal disbalance and many more benefits.

3. Having a balanced diet with herbs 

Want to know how to enlarge breast? One of the key methods is to have a balanced and nutritional diet. Consuming food which results in developing the breast tissues can help a lot and this is how to boost libido as enlarged breasts give you confidence. Avoid smoking and alcohol as it disrupts the hormonal balance of the body.

Things you can consume for healthy breasts are milk and other dairy products, papaya, flax seeds, fennel seeds, green vegetables, soya products, nuts and dry fruits. It is among essential tips for breast enlargement as all the food helps in developing the breast tissue, making them healthier and reducing the chances of any other illness.

4. Practice different yoga postures

There are many tips for breast enlargement, one being yoga. Yoga is considered very beneficial for the development of the breast. It is one of the important treatment for breast enlargement as it also aids you from other body illnesses and getting your breasts and body back to shape along with keeping the mind fit.

You can go bhujangasana (cobra pose; lie down on your stomach with legs touching each other and raise your upper body while hands on the ground), dhanurasana (bow pose; lie on your stomach and try to hold your legs with your hands forming a bow), ustrasana (camel pose) and others are some of the best breast enlargement techniques.

5. Going for surgical procedures

Looking for how to increase breast size? Here’s another method you can go for when it comes to increasing breasts. You can go for surgical procedures, named breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty which involves placing breast implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles to increase the breast size.

Many women go for this treatment for breast enlargement because they want to feel good about themselves while others wish to improve their breast shape. Also, you can try going for push-up bras which keep the breasts in size and also make them look enlarged and fuller as a way to feel confident about your body.

surgical procedures for breast development


To sum up, psychological and mental trauma, body shaming, societal pressure, poor sexual life, and insecurity about one's body image are some of the problems faced by females when it comes to what issues are faced by females with small breasts. Breasts are of different shapes and sizes and it depends on one's body structure and weight which breast size is good for them. 

However, some females do face what is a small breast issue and have to stick to several breast development techniques. The issues with female breasts can occur due to hormonal changes, weight loss, genes, or due to medical problems. Going for breast enlargement products like Cup-up Combo by Nature Mania and other treatment methods like exercises is helpful. 

1. How can the breast size be measured?

Among the common issues with female breasts is knowing the breast size. The breast size is measured by measuring the band size (the part where the bra band sits) with measuring tape and rounding off to the nearest whole number, adding 4 to the even number and 5 to the odd number. Then calculate the cup size by measuring the bust at its fullest part, rounding off to the nearest number. Now subtract the cup size from the band size.

2. Are there any surgical treatments for breast enlargement?

There are various treatment for breast enlargement, and one of them is surgical procedures. The surgical procedure for breast enlargement is breast augmentation where the breast implants are planted under the breast tissues or chest muscles to make the breasts look fuller. You can also go for breast enlargement products like the Cup-up combo.

3. What are some of the myths related to breast size increase?

In the process of knowing how to increase breast size, you may get into various myths related to an increase in breast size like breast size can increase after marriage, breastfeeding causes the breast size to decrease but the fact is that the breast size gets back to normal. The reasons for small breasts in females are different from these.

4. Can pregnancy cause changes in breast size?

Yes, pregnancy can have a major impact on your breast size. During pregnancy your body prepares itself and due to the hormonal changes in the body, the breasts grow in size and prepare themselves for breastfeeding. There is a significant increase which shrinks down as the breastfeeding tenure gets over to its normal shape or a little smaller after the pregnancy. 

5. Does wearing a bra affect the breast size?

One of the causes of small breasts in women can be wearing a wrong-fitted bra. However, a bra helps in shaping and keeping the breasts fit, wearing a wrong-sized bra can be one of the reasons for small breasts in females as wearing a too-tight bra can flatten your chest while wearing a too-big bra can make your breasts saggy and loose. 

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