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Symptoms Of Low Sperm Count - How To Cure It?

Symptoms Of Low Sperm Count - How To Cure It?

Are you facing problems in your sexual life? Do you feel that something is off when you perform sex? What can be the reason? Low sperm count can be one of the reasons why you are facing sexual problems. The symptoms of low sperm count tell that you must get your sperm count checked. But what do you mean by low sperm count in men? In this article, we will be focusing on the symptoms of loose sperm count and how you can cure them. But let's first understand what low sperm count means.

What is the problem of Low Sperm Count in males? 

Low sperm count refers to the decrease in sperm quantity and reduced sperm production in males. While having sex, during orgasm the fluid which is secreted or ejaculated by males known as semen contains less quantity of sperm than the average sperm quantity. There are many symptoms of low sperm count which are discussed later in the later sections.     

Low sperm count also can be one of the signs of low testosterone indicating poor sexual health and life. Low sperm count in males can be going for semen analysis, hormone testing, scrotal ultrasound, testicular biopsy, post-ejaculation urinalysis and many more. In the upcoming sections, we will be discussing the symptoms, causes and treatment of low sperm count issues. 

What are the symptoms of low sperm count?

To be able to treat low sperm count, it is essential to recognize the signs of low sperm count. The symptoms are often overlooked and sexual life gets hampered. So, here we tell you what happens if sperm count is low

1. You will experience low sex drive 

One of the earliest symptoms of low sperm count in your body is indicated by a decrease in sex drive. Do you feel that you no longer experience the same urge to have sex? This means that your sperm count has decreased. The sperms control the sexual behavior of men and with a decrease in sperm count the libido decreases as well. 

Even if your partner is all in the mood, the ambience is set yet you are unable to get yourself all ready. Along with this, you are unable to maintain an erection, this is also one of the signs of low sperm count. It is essential to know how to boost sexual pleasure or sex drive and it is discussed in the upcoming sections of the article. 

2. There is swelling, pain or lumps near the testicles 

Do you feel pain near your testicles? Or is there any swelling, or lumps near or in the testicles? These are some of the signs of low sperm count. You may feel that there is swelling near your testicles and pain in that area making you unable to perform sex or do other activities. 

Many times what happens if sperm count is low is that the blood flow is disrupted and it causes problems in the testicles. The swelling can also lead to reduced sperm quality and quantity. It is essential to see a doctor quickly and address the problem so that it does not get worse. 

3. Increased hair fall causing baldness

The hormones in the body regulate the body's functions. Facing baldness in the facial or body hair is one of the symptoms of low sperm count. Low sperm count can mean decreased testosterone levels which leads to hormonal disbalance and results in hair loss in men on their head and face. 

This is what happens if sperm count is low; hormones control the features of the body and it is one of the reasons that there is a disbalance in the hormonal levels the body reflects. An increase in baldness on the head and the face can be a symptom that your sperm count has dropped and hence it should not be ignored.

4. The inability to conceive a child leads to male infertility 

Another of the significant signs of low sperm count in males is the incoming infertility with low sperm count. The decrease in sperm count is the result of erectile dysfunction and the poor sperm quality and quantity makes it difficult for the women to conceive a baby even after many trials leading the males to infertility. 

Going for a test to determine the sperm count can help you know the infertility reasons and as well as also make you work towards the issue of low sperm count in men. The poor sperm quantity can  take place due to various factors but it can result in the inability of males to reproduce. 

What are the causes of low sperm count?

There are numerous causes of low sperm count which can drastically affect not only the quantity but also the quality of the sperm and hence your sexual life. The reasons for low sperm count in men depend on various factors. Here are some of the reasons for decreased sperm count.

1. Due to some existing medical problems 

One of the low sperm count causes can be certain medical conditions like certain surgeries like vasectomy, issues in the tubules that carry sperms, due to infection, swelling, and developmental defects which lead to the blockage in the tubes leading to low sperm count in men. Other medical problems can include sperm attack by antioxidants and genetic issues like cystic fibrosis. 

​2. This can be caused by Hormonal Disbalance

Hormonal cause is one of the causes of low sperm count which is caused by reduced levels of a sexual hormone named testosterone. Along with this alteration in the glands like the thyroid gland or testicles which produce different hormones responsible for sperm production also cause low sperm count in males leading to upset sexual life.

3. Effect of surrounding on the body or testicles 

Among many different low sperm count causes, one of the causes can be the effect of surroundings on the body and especially testicles like chemical and radiation exposure if you are working in an industrial job, and a rise in temperature around testicles due to various factors like due to drugs usage or radiation from electronics and this leads to low sperm count in males

​4. Poor lifestyle can also decrease sperm count  

There are numerous different causes of low sperm count: poor lifestyle habits which include prolonged sitting, use of drugs and alcohol, excessive weight, excessive stress, smoking, eating junk and processed food, and poor sleep cycle lead to the decreased sperm count and its vitality, decrease testosterone levels and thus poor sex life.

How to increase sperm count?

The low sperm count causes can be numerous but there are certain ways to cure low sperm count following which you can get back to your happy sex life and enjoy it. Let's see what those are:

1. Get your stress and anxiety level down 

One of the basic natural treatment for low sperm count is to work on reducing your stress and anxiety levels. It is not an unknown fact that stress has a great effect on your sexual life as the increased cortisol levels cause the testosterone hormones to decrease thus leading to low sperm count in males.

To reduce your stress and anxiety levels you can go for deep breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, get yourself enough sleep, get your healthy balanced diet, get yourself a new hobby, decrease screen time or go for counseling sessions. This is how to increase sperm count by working on reducing your stress level.

2. Engage more in physical activity and exercise 

The reason why sperm count decreases in men is because they are habituated to prolonged sitting either because of work, leisure or phones. The prolonged sitting leads to the decrease of sperm and testosterone levels in males. Under the ways of how to increase sperm count, one of the methods is exercises and physical activity.

The ways to cure low sperm count is by engaging in more physical activities and exercises. You must go for at least 45 minutes of walking and practicing different exercises. If you have to sit and work for long hours, try to take breaks in between, move around, and do some stretches before working again. 

3. Using a Perm-up capsule by Nature Mania 

You can also go to another treatment for low sperm count, which is going for supplements that are the perm-up capsule by Nature Mania. Perm-up capsule is specifically designed by Nature Mania to treat low sperm count issues and improve sperm quality and quantity. Further, it is clinically proven and is made of natural ingredients. 

It consists of Talmakhana, Bahman, Beej Band Lal, and Singhada which support and improve male fertility along with increasing sperm count and motility. Further, it also increases libido and semen volume contributing to immense pleasure during sex. It improves the sex vitality and the sperm quality. 

4. Reduce the consumption of alcohol and smoking

Another method of treatment for low sperm count is completely reducing or avoiding the consumption of alcohol and smoking. Both alcohol and smoking are not only bad for your physical well-being but also it is not good for your sexual life as it decreases libido, poor sperm quality and decreases testosterone levels in males.

Work on reducing alcohol consumption and smoking. One of the ways to cure low sperm count under alcohol reduction is by gradually reducing the quantity, taking addiction counseling sessions, tracking down the consumption, getting over the urge to smoke or reducing to only occasionally drinking at times that are too low strength. 

5. Maintain a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle 

If you wish to know how to increase sperm count, one of the ways is to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet. Your sexual life is greatly affected by what you eat and how you live. Eating highly greased or processed food can affect your libido and sexual hormone levels, and it can cause obesity which affects sperm production.

There are many ways to cure low sperm count, indulge in maintaining a healthy lifestyle but having a proper sleep cycle, balanced diet consisting of all the nutrients, exercises and yoga and avoiding junk food. By improving your lifestyle and food habits you can improve your testosterone levels, libido and even sperm production.


Low sperm count problems in males can cause many sexual issues like a decrease in testosterone levels, infertility, low sex desire, and many more. The symptoms of low sperm count are variable in number like little pleasure in sex, increased baldness in facial hair and head, pain, swelling and lumps near the testicles. The causes can be many like medical conditions, radiation, rise in temperature near testicles, and others. The treatment for low sperm count is going for a perm-up capsule by Nature Mania, physical activity, yoga, healthy lifestyle and diet, reduced alcohol consumption and smoking. 


1. Can low sperm count lead to male infertility?

Yes, low sperm count can gradually lead to male infertility as the quantity of sperm is very low in the semen which reduces the chances of reproduction or fertility. The causes if not addressed or treated can worsen the fertility chances of males. However there and other reasons as well leading to male infertility.

2. How to conceive a child with a low sperm count?

Though it is difficult, you can conceive even if your partner's sperm count is low by going for in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) where fertilization is done in a lab or increasing the frequency of sex and doing it often when fertilization is likely to take place.

3. How to check low sperm count at home?

You can follow the symptoms of low sperm count to analyze whether your sperm count is low or not. Further, you can go for different test kits that check the sperm count easily at home by following the instructions where you need to collect the semen sample and test it at home. 

4. Can low sperm count be cured naturally?

Yes, surely you can cure low sperm count naturally at home by focusing on natural remedies like exercises, yoga, adopting healthy lifestyle habits, going for a balanced diet, staying physically active and many more. You can also go for the perm-up capsule by Nature Mania as it is natural.

5. What are the main reasons for male infertility?

The main reasons behind male infertility are abnormal sperm production or blockage in tubes carrying sperm leading to disruption in the passing of sperm, poor sperm quality also causes infertility issues in males. Certain illnesses, lifestyle habits, and low sperm count causes which decrease in sperm count leading to infertility. 

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