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Causes Of Hair Loss In Women And Its Treatment

Causes Of Hair Loss In Women And Its Treatment


Are you worried about the amount of hair that falls out every day? Do you feel worried that you would go nearly bald? No worries, if this is what troubles you, you have reached the right page. Losing hair is not something disturbing if there is hair regrowth, but if you have no hair regrowth and you lose a lot of hair every day then you must look up for the causes of hair loss in women.

In this article, we will be telling you the most common reasons why women lose hair and what is the best hair loss treatment they can go for. So are you ready to dive in to understand the causes of hair fall? Let's get started.

15 Causes of hair loss in women 

Hair fall is always disheartening for women as it is more about feeling beautiful and confident in oneself. 

Here, we will be looking at the reason for hair fall in females. So, let's dive right in.

1) There are chances it can be genetic

Most of the hair fall is something that we have inherited from our ancestors or it is the result of our genes. So, one of the causes of hair loss in women is that it can be genetic or hereditary. When the family has a long history of baldness or hair fall and poor hair quality then there are chances that you will face the same.

hair loss in women


The hair may have poor quality, it may fall too much or there is no regrowth. In such cases, it is usually hair transplantation that helps to grow the hair back as the way genes and hormones are working cannot be changed. Here, professional help is required to get the hair back.

2) Women suffering from PCOS

Another reason for hair fall in females is due to PCOS, that is, polycystic ovarian syndrome. It is a condition where a hormonal disorder occurs due to which there is an excess of male sex hormones or androgen in the females causing disturbance in their menstruation cycle and other issues.

PCOS also leads to hair fall or even excess hair in women. It can either cause excess hair growth in the body and cause a lot of hair loss or both. Working on greeting the hormonal imbalance in the body along with taking proper care of it can help in reducing the symptoms. 

3) You are subjected to a lot of stress

Are you subjecting yourself or being prone to excess stress and anxiety? Stress and anxiety are one of the leading reasons for hair loss in women. Many teenagers lose their hair because they take in excess stress and hence working on reducing stress levels helps in hair fall.

hair loss due to stress


Not only hair fall but stress also disturb other things in life. It is also one of the reasons why your partner loses interest in sex. Stress makes the hair follicles weak which leads to too much hair fall in women. Following home remedies like reducing stress and being relaxed will help here.

4) Improper food and an unbalanced diet

Have you ever thought about the fact that what you eat has a significant impact on your body? Another reason for hair fall in females is improper food and an unbalanced diet. Eating what suits and tastes to your tongue does not always suit your hair and can cause hair fall in women.

Eating too much processed, packed and greased food leads to vitamin and mineral deficiency and also causes hormonal imbalance in the body which leads to hair fall in women. Working on fixing your diet along with caressing your hair can help you to get things into normalcy.

5) There is a hormonal imbalance in the body 

We have been repeatedly referring to hormonal imbalance in the body which causes hair loss in women but what it is? Hormonal imbalance in the body causes a lot of issues in the body also causing hair loss in women which is usually termed as androgenetic or androgenic alopecia. 

Hair loss due to hormonal disbalance


The increase in male sex hormones or androgen leads to loss of hair in the body. Further, the hormones are also known to regulate and maintain the follicles of the hair for hair growth however their imbalance disrupts this. It is also the reason for various sexual issues in males like erection issues.

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6) Pregnancy also causes hair fall

Many times body changes that are changes in the physical body internally also lead to hair fall. Among the reason for hair fall in females, one of the reasons is pregnancy. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman's life however with its onset many other things also change, one being increased hair fall.

While women are in their post-pregnancy, there are a lot of hormonal changes in the body which result in hair loss. The decrease in the estrogen level leads to hair fall in women, especially after the birth of the child. The postpartum period comes along with many other changes in women as well.

7) Due to certain medications and drugs 

Another reason for hair loss in women is certain medications and drugs. The use of certain medicines especially in certain chemotherapy or radiation treatment and also some of the medicines and drugs causes the hair to fall as its side effects as it changes the body's system and hormones. 

Hair loss due to drugs and medication

Most of the time the hair lost due to medicine and drugs regrows after the therapy or treatment is over. However, there are chances that the hair growth stops. It is essential that you show it to a doctor or stop taking other medicines like oral contraceptives, beta-blockers, and similar ones.

8) It can be caused by Alopecia Areata

What if the body which is to protect you, attacks itself? Doesn't this sound striking? One of the common reasons for no hair regrowth for women is Alopecia Areata. It is an autoimmune disorder, a condition where the body attacks itself and in this situation, the hair follicles are in redar.

The level on which Alopecia areata varies individually. The hair often falls out in clumps from one area. Some people may lose hair and leave patches of hair loss on the scalp, while some may face, rarely, total loss of hair on the head. There are also cases of hair loss in patches from the body. 

9) You might be suffering from thyroid problems

Thyroid is another problem that women face and it is also one of the reasons for hair loss in women. The thyroid gland controls a lot of body changes and problems in the thyroid gland can become the caretaker to lots of issues. No matter which category of thyroid hits you, the hair fall takes place.

Pain in thyroid

In the case of both hyperthyroidism and hyperthyroidism, the hair texture changes and also the hair follicles, causing the hair to fall out. The treatment for this problem is to consult a doctor and take proper medications further the diagnosis is also important and tricky in such cases 

10) Decrease in testosterone levels in women

Do you know women also have testosterone hormone and changes in that can cause a lot of issues for women? The decrease in testosterone levels not only results in low sex drive in women but also causes hair fall in them. It is essential to look at the signs of low testosterone levels to know about it.

The low level of testosterone hormone which gets converted into DHT, harms the hair follicles in both genders and leads to hair fall in them. Though it is common in men, women also suffer from it. Going for hair fall treatment for female and having a check in hormonal balance can help.

11) Subjecting your hair to hair damage

We all are fond of styling our hair, giving it a new shape to feel good, confident and attractive. But wait, do you know how much harm, hair has to go through? The use of straighteners, hair sprays, tight buns, and different hairstyles all lead to a lot of hair damage and cause the hair to fall out.

Hair damage

The chances of hair regrowth for women in such cases are reduced if proper care is not taken into consideration and applied. Further, it is necessary to look at how much damage the hair is subjected to as it can only be styled when they are left. Avoid it or use hair care products when it is necessary to style.

12) You may be around your menopause

Just like in the case of pregnancy, there are a lot of hormonal changes in the body during and after it, which causes a lot of issues and hair fall in women, similarly in the case of menopause, a lot of hormonal changes take place in a woman’s body which results in loss of a lot of hair in a woman.

During menopause, the hormonal flux in the body of a woman like the imbalance in the amount of estrogen, androgen, and other sex hormones causes the hair to fall out. Going for hair fall treatment for female can be beneficial in such cases and maintaining the diet is also necessary.

13) It can be due to Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Going for unprotected sex? Do you know the potential consequences? Having unprotected sex not only leads to sexually transmitted diseases that are grave but it also causes the hair to weaken and fall out. The STDs when left unrecognized and untreated worsen the situation and cause hair fall.

Sexual transmitted diseases


Some of the STDs like Gonorrhea, and HIV, cause temporary hair loss in women but some of them have hair fall as a direct symptom indicating an STD like Syphilis which causes hair loss in women if not treated. Here, going for hair regrowth for women is the only way to treat it.

14) The natural process of ageing

Time passes and one cannot stop the natural sequence of life. Ageing is similar, everyone has to get old and it is one of the causes of hair loss in women. As the person gets old, the body loses its properties, vitamins and protective agencies which leads to weak hair follicles and causes hair fall.

After some point in life, the hair stops regrowth and this is the reason why hair loss is one of the symptoms of ageing. It is natural and can be slowed or avoided with a proper diet and healthy lifestyle. It is natural and you can go for treatment for hair fall if you want to work on it.

15) Suffering from any illnesses

Many times it is not due to improper diet or not taking care of her but it is due to certain illnesses that one has to go through like kidney issues, cancer, and liver failure. It is mainly due to long-term illness where hair loss is one of the side effects like in cancer where patches of hair fall.

illness effect in hair damage


The hair regrowth for women in such cases comes with proper treatment of the illness, however, many times due to the medications the hair falls. Mostly after the treatment the hair fall stops and the hair regrows if proper care is taken into being. So, these are the reasons for hair fall in women.

Treatment of hair loss 

Now that we have seen the hair fall causes, let's have a look at hair fall treatment you can do on your own.

1) Changing lifestyle and eating habits 

One of the best treatment of hair loss is to work on your lifestyle and eating habits. Avoid going for any of the processed, packed and heavily greased food. Practice more physical activities and go for meditation and yoga for enhanced blood circulation to all the body parts. 

2) Using Hair Oil by Nature Mania 

Using hair oil by Nature Mania is also one of the hair fall treatment. The hair oil by Nature Mania is made from natural ingredients and is certified. It should be used as prescribed or twice a week regularly to see good results. It reduces hair fall, makes the roots strong, and gives them shine and others.

3) Working on reducing hair damage 

Reducing the times you style your hair is also one of the natural treatment of hair loss.

Reduce hair damage


Try to reduce the use of hair spray, straighteners or curlers, and other damaging products on hair. Instead, try to go for natural methods or use hair care products like hair serum to protect the hair from heat damage. 

4) Taking proper treatment for medical problems 

If the reason for your hair fall is certain illnesses or medical conditions, then consulting a doctor and taking proper treatment to cure medical issues is the way. You can consult the doctor for hair fall treatment but mostly as the medical issue is cured the hair fall stops.

5) Reducing stress and anxiety level 

Stress and anxiety not only cause hair fall in females but are also the reasons for many other health issues like reducing the sperm count in males. Reducing your stress and anxiety levels is another treatment of hair loss. Practice meditation and yoga helps in managing stress levels in the body. 

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6) Going for a scalp massage 

Another natural hair fall treatment is for scalp massage. Massaging the pressure points in your head helps improve the blood circulation to your hair follicles improves their health and reduces hair fall.

hair massage


Massage your head with your fingertips regularly for at least 5 minutes.


Wrapping up, now that you know the causes of hair loss in women, you can easily find ways to treat it to stop the hair fall. Here are more than just a body part for women, they signify their beauty and make them feel confident. Hence, keeping them healthy is essential. 

Most of the time the reason is hormonal imbalance like testosterone hormone, you can use Nature Mania’s tes-up capsule to boost it and balance the hormones. Further, there are other hair fall treatment for female as well you can go for. 


1) What are the signs of hair fall in women?

Before looking at the causes of hair loss in women, it is important to recognize whether it is hair loss or not. Some of the signs are losing patches of hair daily, no hair growth, widening of the head, parts on the head that miss hair, hair fall with even slight waves in hair, and hair all around your room.

2) What are some of the natural remedies to treat hair loss?

Some of the natural hair fall treatment for female are regularly oiling their hair, going for chemical-free shampoos, maintaining a healthy diet, massaging the scalp gently everyday, reducing stress in anxiety by meditation and yoga practices, and doing lose pony.

3) How can hair loss be diagnosed?

To go for the best hair loss treatment, it is essential to get it diagnosed so that you can know the real reason behind the hair fall. This is usually done by scalp diagnosis, blood test, scalp tissue test, hair strand test and looking at the family history of diseases and hair loss.

4) Can hair fall be stopped permanently?


The hair falls and new hair grows in its place, this is not considered hair fall. Therefore, yes, hair fall can be stopped when one goes for the best hair loss treatment. Reducing hair damage and protecting it by taking proper care is essential to reduce hair fall and stop it.

5) Are there any surgical treatments for treating hair fall?

There are many best hair loss treatment and also some of the surgical hair treatments are FUT (Follicular unit transplantation) and FUE (Follicular unit extraction). Going for hair transplant surgery is also a good option.

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